Juniorbeads necklaces

I’m a big fan of the Chewbeads new line of necklaces and bracelets for children called juniorbeads. Elodie is in love with the glow in the dark necklace and bracelet and always puts it outside in the morning for a charge. They are stylish and also double as a brilliant toy for teething babies. So clever!

x Elizabeth


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May 17, 2013

Oh I love these especially the bright colours! What a great find!

Courtney in London
May 17, 2013

I’ve never heard of Chewbeads before… but Marlow is obsessed with grabbing and pulling on my necklaces, so I should maybe invest in some child-friendly ones. 🙂 xx

May 17, 2013

Just bought a necklace for my son who drools constantly and just wants to chew on everything! Love these!

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