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Build The Human Body

My oldest has a birthday coming up. Eight! It sounds so big to me! He’s at that tender age where he is no longer a little kid in a needy way, but yet he’s still so naive and blissfully unaware of ‘cool’. Still happy to hold my hand as we walk into his classroom and kiss me when I pick him up. So sweet. I want to pickle him and keep him like this forever!

Anyway, I’m slightly stumped as to what to buy him for his birthday. (Don’t you find that the older they get, the trickier it is to buy them things? Or is it just me?!) I picked up this How To Build A Human Body book/kit the other day and I think he’s really going to love it!

The set includes a 32-page book full of colorful illustrations and intriguing facts about the human body along with 66 slotted pieces to build a 3-D skeleton. Cool, no?

x Courtney

ps – If you have other tips for what to buy an 8-year-old, please share!


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May 6, 2013

Hi Courtney
This post couldn’t come at a better time for me, my Luke is turning 8 on the 18th, I’ve just sent out his invitation for a disco party, very cute. Anyway, he would love this book he is really interested in how the body works, many thanks off to order it now.

Suzie Douglas
May 8, 2013

Ha! So funny to read this. Tabitha turned 8 on December 11th (yes, just ten days before the present-fest of Christmas) and I really was at a loss as to what to get her. BUT I bought her one of these! Or at least, a very similar version. She loves the squishy organs that you can take out and put back in again, and she immediately dressed up as a surgeon in an old white shirt of mine and studiously performed her operations. The younger kids love it too, and I really think it’s a toy that we will keep and bring out time and time again – not least when they learn about the body at school.

Very good find, and I agree, 8 is the perfect age for it.

Suzie x

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