Way back when, we lived in the USA. I was around 8 years old and I still remember it as clear as day, it made such a huge impression on me. I mean, the ice cream shop carried 33 different flavours of ice-cream and we got to eat our lunch at school wrapped up in a brown paper bag!

But I do think my most favourite memory is the trip we took around the US in a big old Chevy and went camping everywhere from Dakota to Colorado. It was so much fun (the first night we put up our tents, the family in the next tent heard us jabbering away in French and invited us over to eat our first ever smores!).

Anyway, my brother and I spent a lot of time in the back of the car on that journey and there were exactly two things that kept us from skinning each other alive: Uno and Mastermind. Do you remember this game? It’s a great strategy game in which you need to guess your opponents code, so it is a bit like breaking the enigma code, but for 7 year olds. It is addictive and perfect for 2 siblings, especially those with a competitive streak in them!

– Emilie


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Courtney in London
May 2, 2013

I’ve never heard of this before!! How is that possible? It looks like it would be right up my alley. I will look it up ASAP! Thank you. xxx

May 3, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing this! Mastermind was one of my favorites as a kid, and I had totally forgotten about it.

May 4, 2013

It’s a game of my childhood! My dad is mathematician and he loves such type of games. We kept them in our holiday house and played them all over again when it was raining. And Mastermind was our favourite. I just smile when I remind of it 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
May 14, 2013

Oh my gosh, I used to love Mastermind. We had this one — I should look for it at my dad’s!

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