A Little About the Right Type of Sunscreen

Usually I write about cute clothes, darling shoes, best toys, I even throw in a few recipes and some fun DIYs here and there but today I’d like to talk about something a little more boring but far more important than all that – about choosing the right type of sunscreen. The sunny days that finally arrived already call for good sun protection (Spring apparently doesn’t really exist anymore). But there’s a catch about them which I didn’t know for a very long time. I only took care that the sunscreen doesn’t contain any parabens and has the highest SPF filter possible but that is actually not enough:

There are two types of sunscreens – the ones with Physical UV filters (good!) and the ones with Chemical ones (very bad!).?The main problem about Chemical Filters is that they penetrate the skin and absorb the UV light from there until they eventually release free radicals which can be even more damaging than the rays themselves! They can cause not only greater skin ageing but also skin cancer! Yes, sunscreen itself can cause the things we always thought (or at least I did) only the sun can!? While Physical Filters (also Mineral Screens) stay on the skin and don’t absorb but reflect the UV light! They act as a barrier between the skin and light. So be careful and look for the sun protection with Physical Filters like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide.

I tried a few different ones already and some of them were really awful – they were just impossible to spread and left white or even yellow marks on clothes that never got washed off but I finally found two I really like. UVbio is the best sunscreen I have ever tried by far but it’s quite expensive and the other one I also like is from Lavera and it’s a lot more budget friendly.



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Berlin Kangaroo
May 2, 2013

Polona, did your Lavera spray pump work all the way to the end of the bottle? I bought two bottles for our Christmas in Australia only to have both spray devices cease up and refuse to work before we were even halfway through either of the bottles.
The sunscreen is great, standing up to the harsh Australian sun, and protecting very young skin, but the bottle’s pump mechanism let us down badly.

May 2, 2013

I thought it was just mine since I l always have the luck of grabbing the most defected items so I didn’t even mention it! Didn’t realise it was “a thing” So I guess their pump mechanism sucks yeah but it’s still worth the bother I say – if the pump has a bad day I just apply it by hand.

May 5, 2013

Are these sunscreens available to buy in the UK? I had no idea that sunscreens could contain such scary ingredients!!

May 5, 2013

I’m sure you can Rebecca! Found one real quick here: but there’s many many more shops out there – just google “Lavera Kids Sun Spray”! Or if you visit an organic store I’m sure you’ll find one there! And you can also always try another brand – just make sure the sunscreen doesn’t contain any physical or even a mix of both physical and chemical filters!

Courtney in London
May 5, 2013

Thanks so much for this post! Such a good reminder to purchase the good sunscreens now. I always forget… and then I arrive to a holiday destination and in desperation just buy whatever they’re selling… and I know they’re not great (i.e. harmful!) for my children. Terrible. I should order these now so I am prepared for the rest of the summer! Thank you. xx

Esther in Amsterdam
May 14, 2013

Thank you for this!!!!! xxx

July 26, 2017

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