The String Shelf

I completely adore the String Shelf. The String system was design in 1949 and over the last years has become one of the most popular pieces of classic scandinavian design. We got one for Nico’s room —  we call it “the treasure shelf”, because this is where he keeps his most valuable toys at the moment.

Robots, dinos, rockets. But the most important toys are the Star Wars ones, because they were a present from Uncle Javi. The toys belonged to him since he was little, and now they belong to Nico, 30 years later! Such a lovely present.

We are very happy with our String ! Hope you like it!



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Esther in Amsterdam
April 30, 2013

I love the String! I bought one a long time ago, but still didn’t put it up yet. Crazy! I’m just not sure where to hang it. 😉 xxx

May 2, 2013

I agree! I soooo wish they would sell all the pieces in the US. I would love to add the desk part of string to a wall of their shelves.. maybe one day.

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