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Big Kids Magazine

Big Kids Magazine is an Australian magazine created by two friends living in opposite sides of Australia, and they haven’t seen each other for over 12 years! Jo, from Perth, is a dancer. Lilly, from Sydney, a visual artist. They are mothers as well — and now publishers!

Big Kids Magazine is a not just your ordinary magazine. It’s a celebration of creativity, art, words, meanings, associations and innovation. Printed on beautiful paper and full of gorgeous illustrations and ideas, this magazine is such a great inspiration for children — and adults too!

Sara and Pim love the magazine, and it’s been so inspirational for them. I see lots of ideas we discussed while reading Big Kids Magazine back in their artwork! (And do you like the crazy guy above we drew together as a family?)

xxx Esther


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April 29, 2013

Oh we SO love seeing creative marks made on the BIG pages! Especially collaborative crazy guys 😉
So glad you enjoyed it with Pim and Sara – it is a midnight passion project and such a joy to see it shared, thank you 🙂
x x Jo and Lilly x x

April 29, 2013

That’s the great thing about best friends, you can live all the way across the country from each other and still be able to work together as if you worked in the same office.

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