Sylvanian Families

There’s a little obsession going on in our house since the kind Saint Nicholas brought my kids little Sylvanian families in their shoes last year. Those little figurines with their adorable accessories are just SO cute! Sylvanians have been around since the ’80 (do you remember them?) and are made in Japan. There’s a whole world available around the families: houses, cars, telephone boxes, doctors on bikes, school uniforms, beach set ups, camper vans — you name it! All of it is so perfectly detailed — babies come with tiny little dummies and bottles, and miniscule bloomers. The hedgehog family has their own teeny weeny hairbrushes, breadbaskets have bunny shaped breads in mini scale, and there’s a fridge packed with goodies like tiny tomatoes and cucumbers!

My kids really love to play with their Sylvanians… and so does their mama — can you tell?

xxx Esther




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April 19, 2013

I love them! Had them as a kid and can´t wait until my daughter is old enough so I can give them to her!

May 22, 2013

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