An easy nightmare remedy. It might help!

Our son Pim (he just turned 6) recently went through a period in which every night he would stand next to our bed because a nightmare had woken him up. The nightmare was very consistently about bears, and would leave him very scared, the poor boy. During the day he would sometimes ask me if there really are no bears here in the Netherlands! (There are not, in case you were wondering.) Of course I tried to comfort and reassure him, but the dreams kept coming back.

After a few weeks I suddenly remembered something my sister-in-law once told me after my nephew had a series of bad dreams when he was around that same age: she had given him a toy sword in his bed to fight of his bad dreams, and it worked like a charm. That night, I taught Pim the following magic spell to empower the bears that would surely come to haunt him in his dreams:

I am Pim
And I say:
All the bears
Now go away!!

That night, he didn’t have a nightmare. And ever since, he has been sleeping very well. No nasty bears in his dreams anymore! And when a few weeks ago wild boars were threatening to disturb his sweet dreams, we simply changed the magic spell, and again, it worked!

I think the secret is to give the child a way to empower whatever scares them in their dreams. For Pim, the spell worked wonders, for my nephew the toy sword did the trick, and Courtney has told me that for her 3 year old daughter Ivy a magic princess wand was all that it took.

I just thought I’d share this little trick in case your child has been suffering from bad dreams. I hope it helps! And if you know of another magic remedy — please share!

xxx Esther

PS The above illustration is of two of the creatures that were haunting Pim’s dreams recently: a bear and a boar are having tea together under a table — it’s by Lieke van der Vorst, and part of this poetry poster. I love it!


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April 4, 2013

Such a darling story (and equally sweet print too)!

April 5, 2013

We use dream catcher spray (water and lavender oil mixed in a colorful spray bottle). Works like a charm!

April 6, 2013

We did the lavender oil in a spray bottle, ours was a ‘potion’ we mixed together the day before. It’s great because the lavender is of course also calming at bedtime.

Berlin Kangaroo
April 6, 2013

Thank you for this little nugget, I will keep in my bag of tricks for just in case . xx

April 8, 2013

Love the story. Also love the way Pim was equally entranced and frightened by wild boars when we visited. Such a lovely boy!

April 9, 2013

Poor Pim! Elias had exactly the same thing about bears when he was about 3 we didn’t have such a good idea as you guys but funnily enough he kind of created it himself – he often put something by his bed as a ‘weapon’ against the animal if they came. A piece of string to tie them up, a torch to blind them or his wood knife to kill them. I have to admit I was a bit alarmed (not being a fan of violence!) but it did help him. It is almost primeval how a kid looks to find protective mechanisms! Bears still crop up with elias from time to time as do other creatures (we currently have a bit of a thing about poisonous spiders) he also suffers from strong fear when he is awake. It can be worrying and even sometimes frustrating but I know it is the sign of a thriving imagination so we try to encourage the positive side of that. P.s. I love the lavender potion idea!

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