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The Best of Making Things

I am becoming such an Instagram addict. I’ve never done any other form of social media before now (I still don’t have a Facebook page!), but I can so see the appeal in Instagram. It’s so fun to keep track of friends and family through daily photo updates, and I’ve even made entirely new friends too – what a fun community!

Anyway, the other day I saw this arts & crafts book on Shak-Shuka‘s feed and ordered it immediately. I then posted this photo on my feed and got such a flurry of interested comments. (Another bonus of Instagram! Discovering great new products!)

The Best of Making Things was first published in the early 1970s and has remained a trusted handbook for children’s art projects ever since. I love the variety of projects from simple to more complex, and I love the easy-to-read instructions with step-by-step drawings. My boys, aged 5 and 7, have already flipped through the book and found projects to do on their own. And I’m looking forward to doing some of the more difficult projects with them… like making paper from laundry lint, a cardboard box loom, or even simple clothing items. Fun! (Available from Amazon US or UK .)

x Courtney


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March 27, 2013

I am waiting for mine to turn up- can’t wait!

Esther in Amsterdam
March 27, 2013

Ha — I think I need to order it too! 🙂 xxx

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