Babydeli: a really nice place in Madrid

Today I would love to share a very charming shop in Madrid: Babydeli. Well, it is not only a shop, but a place with lots of things going on. They have food, toys, books, you can celebrate your birthday, and there are also very interesting workshops taking place every week. Located in the very heart of Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid, we always go if we are visiting.

Definitely, Babydeli is a place to find what you are looking for and also having a healthy snack!



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March 26, 2013

We love Babydeli! We lived near Retiro and would often walk over to pick up some tasty treats and check out all the toys. They have such a well-curated selection. Plus, since children’s books in English are hard to find in Madrid, Babydeli was a real treasure trove. in The canvas bags they sold were AMAZING, too.

March 27, 2013

This looks awesome! I really want to go to Madrid one day and I’ll make sure to visit Babydeli! M x

Esther in Amsterdam
March 27, 2013

It looks amazing! I want to go to Madrid! Will you meet us there? xxx

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