MakeDo London Bus

I wrote about MakeDo (whose concept is simply genius) a good while ago… so I thought I should just mention to you the London Bus ‘Find & Make’ Kit. I do need to mention that I might be mother to the biggest double-decker London bus fans in the world. My girls would actually travel to London just to get on a bus and sit at the top level. If they then get to sit on the two front seats, right over the drivers head, they are in heaven!

But how cool is this kit? You will find stickers, a plastic-safe saw and clips. All you need to add is whatever is in your recycling bin (we actually had to go to the local shop and ask for some cardboard boxes, but even that was fun!). There is also an inspiration booklet included in the packet, enough to give you an idea on how to structure the project, but also vague enough to let kids do things their own way.

And what better place to get this London Bus kit from than the London Transport Museum? (Which is a great shop to browse by the way — I love the posters!)

– Emilie


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March 14, 2013

Thanks Emilie for this lovely post- I Love Make Do kits and I did not know this one! It’s nice that your girls that like make do kits. My daughter also loves making things and she is really good with tools and very crafty.

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