Polka Dot Club, handmade teddy bears

How lucky were we to get to know the wonderful Jennifer Murphy in New York this past weekend. Not only is she such a lovely, creative and inspiring person (check out her blog!) — she’s also an extremely talented teddy bear maker and creates the most amazing, beautiful little bears, each so full of character.

Jennifer has been making vintage-inspired, collectible one-of-a-kind bears for over 25 years (she learned it as a child sitting on her mother’s lap, who is also a teddy bear maker), but she very recently launched the Polka Dot Club, a toy line for children. We had a little peek at the collection in New York and fell instantly in love with it. It is all so, so adorable!!

The Polk Dot Club collection consists of 5 different bears, completely hand made by Jennifer out of luxurious, traditional and natural materials like pure mohair, wool felt and cotton stuffing. One of a kind touches, like cute little jumpers knitted by Jennifer and unique neck ties (made out of fabric that is specially designed for Polka Dot Club by Jennifer’s sister Kindra) make each piece so special.

Right now the Polka Dot Website is still minimal, but a webshop will open very soon — join the mailing list if you would like to know more about these beautiful heirloom toys!

xxx Esther


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March 12, 2013

I am seriously in love with these teddies!! I must subscribe to this list – we need two of those in our house! Thank you for sharing Esther x

March 13, 2013

These are so cute! Love all the colors.

February 24, 2016

How can I order the beautiful Panda bear?
Thank u

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