Beautiful, long lasting cashmere from Les Tricots de Margot

A little baby, dressed in cashmere — it’s hard for me to imagine anything softer or more cuddly than that! And lucky me, haha — I have it right here with me!
Les Tricots de Margot has the most beautiful collection of cashmere baby clothes, from jumpers to coats to hats and pants. The quality of the cashmere is truly amazing, and I can tell because Casper now wears the jumpsuit that Ava wore so much when she was a baby. It has been worn and washed so many times — and it still looks like new! I also adore the little booties that Pascaline from Les Tricots de Margot sent Casper as a gift — so cute and cosy to keep his feet warm. The biggest part of the collection of Les Tricots de Margot suit both boys as girls. This way, those beautiful, soft and cuddly items can be passed on and on and on.

xxx Esther


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