Djeco Stupix

My girls do think they have the most hilarious sense of humor, but it reminds me of the kind of humour pre-pubescent boys might have: It’s just not really refined. (Their idea of a good joke is making fart noises.)
You can just imagine their joy when I took them to buy a present for their friend’s birthday party recently and they discovered a prank box by made by Djeco. It contains 6 prank items, from a whoopie cushion to a camera that squirts water.
It amused me slightly that this box had been sorted under the category “educational toys”. I don’t think it is very educational — but it is a lot of fun!

I got this from Enfant Lyre, our all time favorite children’s book shop in Paris, but you can also order it off Amazon France.

– Emilie


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February 27, 2013

Oh we have just discovered Djeco products in Cape Town and we can not love them enough!!! Just totally wonderful!!!

Esther in Amsterdam
February 28, 2013

This sounds like fun! I love whoopie cushions.

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