Woodland dolls from Lapin and me

I recently met Madeleine from Lapin and Me at the ShowUP fair here in Amsterdam. Her stand was so cute and happy, with all of those beautiful retro lamps and dolls! Of course I couldn’t resist taking home one of the yellow Woodland Dolls. (Ava and I are still discussing whose doll it really is — hers or mine!)

The story behind the Woodland dolls is a cute one. Madeleine used to collect these rare dolls, that were produced in Japan in the ’70’s but were super difficult to find. She decided to start looking for the original company and after a long search managed to track it down. Now, the Woodland dolls are produced again for Lapin and Me, by an old gentleman in Japan, who spray paints each individual doll by hand! Which makes the dolls even more special and charismatic. Cute!

xxx Esther


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