Easy Studio Animation App

We’re still loving the educational Montessori Letter Sounds app from Les Trois Elles, and were thrilled to discover they have just released a new animation app (especially since my husband works in animation!). My boys were especially excited about this one.

Easy Studio is a really fun ipad app which allows you to animate with coloured geometric shapes. You can create moving animals, trains, space ships, monsters, or whatever your heart desires. You can even create whole scenarios where monsters drive space ships and eat other animals (yes, my boys have done this!). In fact, the bottom image is one of my son’s most recent monsters, and you should see the way he moves and dances.

It is such a fun app which encourages imagination and teaches the magic of animation. My 7-year-old is completely hooked, and I’m so fond of his videos. I have to try to find a way to download them to share with you!

x Courtney


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