DIY: Stick Horses

My daughter Coco, was born one cold night at the end of December. It was a cozy time — we stayed inside, everyone was in a festive mood as her birthday fell between Christmas and New Year, so just added in an extra celebration. But one thing that never occurred to me at the time, was the extra complexity of celebrating a party with energetic under 10-year-olds inside; it is either raining or snowing! I am really envious of Courtney, whose eldest son was born in June. She can just let the hoard loose in the garden.

Our birthday parties always need a bit of extra planning and a bit of an activity to keep everyone entertained… and this year the request by the birthday girl was a pony party.  No more, no less. So after a bit of head scratching and internet research, we decided on the following: Stick horses made out of plywood to be decorated at the party (very much inspired by Esther’s stickhorses and knight parties).

It was a ton of fun and the bonus was all the games afterwards were naturally pony-themed. Musical horses (every time you remove a horse instead of a chair), the dancing statue game done while galloping on horses, carrot cake and apple tarte as birthday cakes (’cause ponies like apples and carrots).

It was such a success that Violette has already commissioned a puppy-themed party for her birthday party in April — so it is back to the drawing board!

– Emilie


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February 12, 2013

How amazing!!! I am so impressed! How were you able to cut the wood for the horse heads? Did you do it all yourself or were they cut elsewhere? I can’t wait to see the puppy version you come up with. My soon to be 5 yr old son is obsessed with puppies and I may try to do this for him. Just not sure if I have the DIY skills though…

Emilie in Paris
February 12, 2013

Glad you like them. The girl’s dad actually cut the horses heads out with a jigsaw!

Courtney in London
February 12, 2013

Oh I love your stick horses!
The upside to having winter birthday parties is that they’re way more creative, and in that regard they’re more special. I just invite a bunch of kids over and send them out to the garden. It could be any old play date! xxx

Esther in Amsterdam
February 12, 2013

Oh I absolutely love your stick horses!! How did you attach the wool for the manes? Looks so cool! (Our kids still play with the stick horses we made for Sara’s birthday 3 years ago!) xxx

Emilie in Paris
February 12, 2013

Sorry I should have mentioned that. The manes were glued on and are still sticked, so fingers, crossed they will stick for a long time.

February 15, 2013

How clever!!!! My little girl, would be so excited- may even make this for our playdate with her friends on Monday! Thanks for sharing this!

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