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Personalized books: Fabuloos Dreams

I am in love with these books! And Nico is even more in love when he sees himself as the hero of his own adventure. Fabuloos Dreams was the best present of this past Christmas.

They can be ordered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Catalan. It is also perfect to learn a second language!.

With lovely illustrations and text, I think Fabuloos Dreams books are not only books but something the child will keep forever — a book full of memories!

– Maria


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February 1, 2013

Maria, thanks for this post. I was intrigued by the space rocket on the first photo – please could you supply any details on that ?
Thanks ever so much,

Esther in Amsterdam
February 4, 2013

What a cool idea, and Nico makes the best pirate! 🙂 xxx

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