Aqua Lamb Boots

Listen, I am never going to pretend that sheepskin boots are sexy. They never were and they never will be, but sometimes comfort does rule over style (or sexiness for that matter). Personally, knowing that I have a pair of sheepskin boots ready to slip into for the school run, makes me a little bit happier about heading into a dark, drizzly winter morning! Up to now I have owned a pair of Uggs, but they are not made for the wet European climate. But trust a British company to come up with the solution: the Aqualamb Boot. It has a much better sole than the Uggs and is totally waterproof.

Hilariously enough, when my boots were delivered at my office and I started showing them off proudly, the reaction of the men varied from indifference to absolute disapproval. The girls however were seriously excited. I guess you cannot please everybody!

– Emilie


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January 17, 2013

I totally agree with you about the boots not being sexy. I have a had time wanting to buy uggs or the like, but warmth and comfort. That can probably sway me!

Esther in Amsterdam
January 17, 2013

I have very heavy and warm leather winter boots — they are so heavy my legs hurt! These look so light and comfy… xxx

Emilie in Paris
January 18, 2013

Soo light and comfy. I live in the during the weekends!

Courtney in London
January 18, 2013

I definitely need a pair of these! xx

January 22, 2013

Wow, these look SO super warm and comfy! Lovin the colour too, it reminds me of wonderful chocolate lol! Love this post xx

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