Une Sardine à Rio – Kimono Jacket

I remember when my kids were small I could put anything and everything on them and no one ever complained — the good old times. Now, 4 and 7 respectively, the caveats alongside the rules of dressing are longer than the bill of rights. Dresses, leggings, no tights, no bulky socks and only cardigans, no jumpers!

Naturally fierce negotiations are in order, but one item we were able to call a truce on is the super cute and super comfy jacket from Une Sardine à Rio. It is so cozy and well cut; it fits over everything. I do love this brand, and all the fabric are fair trade and organic!

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
January 17, 2013

Cute! It looks so cosy — gotta love Une Sardine à Rio! xxx

January 24, 2013

sigh, i am with you. only dresses and tights. no pockets, pants, or leggings! i think we would be able to get away with this perhaps!! very cute.

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