How to knit a snood!

As you might remember snoods are an essential part of a Parisian pre-school child’s wardrobe. As four-year-olds have quite a talent for losing any accessorize at any given moment, we have already misplaced one or two snoods this winter. No doubt they will turn up again, but in the meantime I actually have started knitting my own! (BTW Violette only wore her snood under duress, until the day the principle showed Violette’s class her snood as an example of what they should all wear. Now she wears it like a badge of honour…)

I use soft, thick wool – simply because it goes faster. In the case of the snood on the photo above I used European needles size 8, which I believe is a US 11.

The instructions are actually very, very simple: To knit the snood, I casted on 60 stitches and knitted a band that was 17 cm high. I then stitched  together the sides to make a snood.

For my most successful model up to date, I alternated between 2 rows of purl stitches and 2 rows of knit stitches. (I hope this makes sense- this is the first time I have ever noted down knitting instructions and it not as simple as it seems!)

– Emilie


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Courtney in London
January 15, 2013

I definitely want to knit a snood for Ivy! Thanks for the instructions. xx

January 15, 2013

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Esther in Amsterdam
January 15, 2013

It turned out so nice!! I actually would like to make one for Pim!

January 15, 2013

I did some knitting 3 years ago and made my daughter a hat and scarf set. Alas time is not on my side anymore but maybe I could manage a snood!

January 16, 2013

I am not a regular knitter, but I think it took me about 2 evenings to put together this snood. Instand gratification guaranteed!

January 24, 2013

I recently knit an impromptu snood for my daughter on round needles and it was super easy! No need to knit it together once you’re finished. 🙂

January 30, 2013

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October 15, 2014

[…] How to knit a snood! […]

December 4, 2016

Great so simple knitting snoods for a charity ,put flowers and tassels on them look great ,thankyou

Sue Durkin
December 5, 2017

My daughter asked if I could knit my grandson one, so pleased I found your pattern.

Sue Durkin
December 5, 2017

So pleased I found your pattern been knitting for adults this year, then my daughter asked if I could knit a snood for my grandson. So pleased to find your pattern

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