Puppets, for re-enacting your favourite stories

We love the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. It is still one of those books my kids request at bed time, or.. even now I’ll catch my older kids reading it to the younger ones. So, you can imagine how excited they were when this puppet set arrived from AlexandAlexa last week. I have now watched about 50 re-enactments of the story, all told with the various puppets. The kids are actually becoming expert puppeteers — they set themselves up behind the sofa and tell the story using the silliest accents.

The puppet set is by The Puppet Company and the puppets are really impressive. The troll puppet is large and the details are really nice, and I like that you can either move his mouth or his arms so that he can really come to life.  There are other puppets and sets too (like The Three Little Pigs) and also a puppet theatre (for if your kids get tired of using the sofa).

x Courtney


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Esther in Amsterdam
December 14, 2012

I don’t think we know that story here in the Netherlands? But the puppets are cool! xxx

Kelly Hicks
November 17, 2016

Can the troll and sheep be purchased, if so how much and where

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