Mowobjetos: objects with movement

Manuela Ottondo Wulff is Argentinian currently living in Madrid. And Manuela is a very tallented graphic designer and creator. Mow is her project inspired by dreams, imagination and games. That’s how her “objects with movement” were born.

Mowobjetos has animals, each animal has a name, a personality and a story:

The dolls:

And the perpetual calendar, which I personally adore and have, is so much fun for kids!

All of it completely handmade, images printed and assembled on cardboard and can be moved as many times as you want. These kinds of things really catch my eye because they are definitely made with love. Congratulations to Manuela for her work with Mowobjetos!.



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December 12, 2012

I love their retro design. Really cool!

Esther in Amsterdam
December 14, 2012

I love the dolls! xxx

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