La Langerie, a delicate collection for newborns

The lovely ladies at La Langerie sent one of their gorgeous swaddle blankets for baby Marlow and it’s become one of our favourite blankets. I love the soft, gauze-like material, and the fact that it’s so generously sized — perfect for swaddling and breast feeding and snuggling and all sorts of other things (I read on their website that it can also be used as a towel, and I believe it because it’s such a nice thick material!). La Langerie also sells pacifier clips, bibs and lovely fragrances. So gorgeous and so French!

x Courtney

PS – See below, a photo of Marlow wrapped up in her ‘La Lange’ swaddle blanket. (She’s clearly very content in it!) xx


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December 6, 2012

I love them too! And besides being ridiculously soft and comfy I also love the gentle mute colours and prints – just perfect for the delicate newborn, right? And we use it as a summer blanket with Tila (3,5 yrs) as well…

Esther in Amsterdam
December 6, 2012

She’s so cute! Tomorrow! xxx

December 17, 2012

I will have to keep these in mind for my baby on the way! So hard to find good swaddle blankets that look good, too.

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