An amazingly snug and cozy bunting bag

This week, we’ve seen snow for the first time in Amsterdam this year, and even though it only lasted for an hour, I’ve been gearing up for severe cold. Snow boots, puffy jackets, hats and scarves — we are ready for winter! I’ve transformed Ava’s pushchair (a simple umbrella style one) into a wonderfully warm nest for her, using the Snug Science down bunting. She loves it. So snug!

Snug Science has been invented in NY, with extreme winters in mind. The idea was to create a warm bunting made out of high quality materials just like the ski jackets adults are wearing. The design is really clever as it easily converts from a newborn size to 4 year old (see above!), and the fact that it has arms gives children total freedom without ever getting cold.

xxx Esther


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December 7, 2012

Wow! Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried two different types before both either too small too quick or not warm enough.

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