Miss B Tween

Now that my oldest daughter Sara is getting so tall and skinny, shopping has changed drastically for her. Most cute children brands don’t cater beyond size 6 or 8, but also, Sara’s silhouette (and taste) now requires a totally different cut and style clothing. So I was happy to be introduced to the label Miss B Tween, big sister of the very nice and easy-to-wear children’s brand Busy Bees. Sara has been wearing the Daisy Drawstring Dress so much recently. It’s super comfortable to wear (it has soft fleece on the inside!), easy to wash, and looks darling on. A dress we both love!

xxx Esther


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December 5, 2012

I’d love either of these dresses in adult size!

December 5, 2012

If your daughter is age 8 or older it may be worth checking out Johnnie B by Boden. They have a very good pre-teen/teen range.

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