Denim skirts

I think I have had some form of denim skirt since I was about 15 (though the style I am wearing has changed a wee bit in the last few years). Coco and Violette each have a denim skirt, which possibly is the most worn article in their wardrobe. It looks cute with a top and some sandals in the summer and equally lovely with a pair of boots and tights in the winter. The skirt in the photo above by Talc is perfect, so easy to wear and to dress up and dress down.

Here are a couple more I like. The easy to wear denim skirt with bow by Niddle Noodle, the functional cute skirt by Zef and the simple classic by HM.



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Courtney in London
December 3, 2012

Ivy has that denim skirt from Niddle Noddle and it’s SO cute. And just like you said, it is the most worn item of clothing in her closet. She wore it in the summer and now over tights. xx

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