Letter cushions

I don’t think there is anything that spurs my younger daughter Violette on as much as wanting to be on equal footing with her big sister. Problem is, there is a massive difference between being four and being six. At six, you are in primary school and do all the things that kids at primary school do. At four, you are just not quite there yet, even if it is your ultimate wish. The French government, amongst others, will just not let you enroll in primary school, as much as it might be unfair…

But it is interesting how the ambition to be six is motivating Violette to try and learn how to read and write. She is not written properly yet, but I have to say her sheer determination amuses me immensely. I found these cushion on the lovely interior deco e-shop My Little Home and thought they would be perfect for Violette. She could have a lot of fun putting together words with them and then collapsing on the cushions when she finally realizes she is only four and needs some downtime.

– Emilie


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November 30, 2012

Beautiful plus educational!

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