Pretty party dresses at I Love Gorgeous

The holidays are around the corner, so time to get the party dresses sorted! I Love Gorgeous is a great place to find a wonderful collection of the best party dresses around. Sparkly, festive, romantic, rock — you will find all sorts of beautiful choices here! This year, I chose the Pippi dress for Ava. It’s absolutely adorable with the petticoat underskirt which makes it stand out extra wide. Sara, who is getting so tall and ‘tweeny’, will look great in the Vera dress. I love that lovely blue/green petrol colour that I Love Gorgeous does so well, but there are also great choices in pink, cream, red, grey — you name it.

xxx Esther


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November 23, 2012

I think the pippi dress has to be my favourite. Don’t you think all the ilovegorgeous models have such beautiful hair?

They recently did hair tutorials for the perfect hairstyles to go with their dresses. Heres the link:

November 23, 2012

so pretty! my girls wore ‘i love gorgeous’ dresses this summer when they were bridesmaids, totally gorgeous! i love them. xxx

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