Winter Holiday Shopping Guide

….. and boom! Suddenly the holidays are upon us. I walked passed Galerie Lafayette today, saw the Christmas display and suddenly realised: summer is over and there are only a few weeks left until the holidays! How does time go so fast? As usual, I decided to get organised early this year. And as usual, that is something very, very hard to accomplish for a chaotic person like me. So I am most  thankful for the internet and for the Babyccino Holidays Gift Guide. It has so much cool stuff that I know my kids, nephews, nieces, godchildren and friends would love! Here are some of my favourites: this super cute glitter poncho, the red riding hood teamug, the retro train bed linen and the tactile racing car.

And do you know what I love most about this gift guide? It is the perfect link to send on to my brothers who are always wondering what they should get for my girls. Voila, problem solved!

– Emilie


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