Paris Skirt from Une Sardine à Rio

How cute is this little skirt by Une Sardine à Rio? I have been waiting to blog about it ever since Esther and I first saw it at Playtime back in July! It is finally available in the e-shop.  I love how it is so original and really fun to wear for a little girl. It also has this great photo of one of my favourite Paris Landmarks: the Eiffel tower! Also look at the equally lovely designs with the beaches and moutains of Rio.

– Emilie

P.S. I am not a big fan of mothers and daughters dressing identically, but these skirts also exists for grown ups and it might be too tempting for me to resist!


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November 9, 2012

Oh, so sad, that we did not get to see it at Playtime … it is really really nice stuff …

Esther in Amsterdam
November 12, 2012

I think you should get one! I love it! xxx

Emilie in Paris
November 13, 2012

I think you are right! Ex

Jeannie Lorenz
November 13, 2012

These skirts are very cool, but pricey. You can take a photo, upload it to, and with a bit of elastic and about $10, make an identical skirt for a child.

Emilie in Paris
November 13, 2012

True, the Sardine à Rio clothes are pricey but they are made out of fair trade materials and made in small workshops in France, all of which hikes up the price. You are also paying for originality of the skirt and the design, all of which takes time and effort to come up with, but is easy to copy.
I love the website! Thank you so much for sharing,

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