Grey Elephant, a creative space in Madrid

Today I would like to share a beautiful place in Madrid, that I have always hearted. Grey Elephant  is a very special place in the center of Madrid, where many things happen, and with one objective: to nurture and stimulate creativity in children and parents through art projects, interactive workshops and activities in a relaxed, tranquil and home-like environment.

One place where the parents can accompany their children and the children can enjoy the company of others of their age and they can all create, experiment, invent, and let their imagination fly. During the weekdays  they have a nursery and lots of workshops, all of them in english. And in the weekends the fun continue with theatre, music, dancing, arts… and so on! It is also a place to celebrate your birthday in a very creative way.

The owner, Laura, has told us the reason why she opened a place like this in Madrid: “I realised I kept complaining about spaces for kids and parents or kids and grandparents/caretakers etc. At the time people where allowed to smoke almost everywhere and it was not easy to find a place to meet other parents, do stuff and get involved where you could find music, dance, painting, fun … So I decided to open my own!!!”

Such a good reason, and such a treat for the people of Madrid! Hope you like it!!

– Maria




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November 5, 2012

This looks amazing! If we had something like this near me I would love to go!

November 6, 2012

Really like what has been done with the space. Kids will love coming here and so will the parents. Very impressive.

November 6, 2012

Fantastic place for kids and parents. Beautifully furnished. Like it!

Esther in Amsterdam
November 9, 2012

Wonderful. I wish there was a place like that in Amsterdam! xxx

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