Great wooden toys from ePloof!

ePloof! is a new Singapore-based children’s shop which brings together great toys & home accessories from both Europe and Asia. I was thrilled to be introduced to the Japanese brand, Mastro Geppetto, which makes this beautiful, boxed animal set.  The wooden animals are made of water-resistant yellow cedar wood, and are actually meant to be a bath toy! When wet, the little animals stick to the side of the bath, or float like other bath toys. You can also just stack them up or play with them like regular toys when not in the bath. Isn’t that clever?

ePloof! was started by two friends in Singapore who have set out to find beautiful, exceptional quality products from around the world. From what they’ve found  and stocked already, I can tell this is definitely a shop to keep an eye on. I love discovering new toy brands!

x Courtney


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October 29, 2012

Hello. Was interested to see this as I am hunting for Christmas presents and trying to get sorted early this year! However, I say the cost of the wooden animals is $110 which is about £60. Seriously?? I sometimes wonder if this blog is for me anymore because I do love it and want to support any mum business but really, I feel more and more that the toys and outfits you recommend are just extremely expensive and not feasible for the vast majority of mums out there. Could you include more realistically priced items in the future that are still beautiful and functional and stylish?

October 29, 2012

I love these toys, and wrote about them last year. I am in contact with the designer, he’s actually the same person behind the beautiful MAPA toys, which you may have seen via LMNOP magazine a couple of years ago. Gorgeous!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 30, 2012

Beautiful! And definitely something that your grandchildren will still play with! 🙂 xxx

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