Esther and I discovered this new British children’s label at the Bubble Tradeshow last January and loved it immediately. The yellow moleskin waistcoat practically caught our eye from across the room! Marmalade&Mash is all about quintessential ‘Britishness’, i.e. comfort, nostalgia, quirkiness, and fun. Don’t you think they really nailed it with this collection? It really does seem so perfectly British! I got the pretty Eliza dress for Ivy and it’s both beautiful and wearable, perfect for parties or for everyday.

x Courtney


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October 17, 2012

I really like both the eliza dress and the romilly dress. It really is truly british. Out of interest which colour eliza dress did you get for your daughter.

Courtney in London
October 18, 2012

Hi Lily,
I got Ivy the ‘Wine’ coloured Eliza dress. (The reddish one.) It’s so pretty, and will be perfect for holiday parties.

October 22, 2012

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