New on the market: the NJOY Bubble Buggy

The two buggies we currently own have been with us since our first child was a baby. That’s nearly 8 years! Our Bugaboo Frog is still in great condition (really, you can’t go wrong with Bugaboo, can you?), but unfortunately I can’t say the same about the light-weight umbrella stroller we got for travelling. It is decrepit!  So… for this new baby, we decided it was time for an upgrade.

I recently received the new-on-the-market reversible Bubble buggy from Petite Star & Njoy. It’s the first umbrella stroller which is reversible, meaning it can go from rear facing to forward facing in one easy step. Because of the reclining positions and padded seat/head rest, it’s also suitable from birth onwards. How great! I’ve already tested it out and it’s easy to use, easy to fold (in either direction), easy to push, and ticks all the boxes for a great, practical buggy. (Available to purchase online here.)

x Courtney


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October 5, 2012

Have you tried the City Mini…personally I do think its one of the best i’ve had…and I have had a few!!!! From the Bugaboo, Petit Star, Phil & Ted & Mclaren!!! But this one gets a ten out of ten! You should check it out…worth a look at least! Good luck by the way…x

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