My hospital bag

I keep thinking I have a couple of months left, but the reality is… that today I have only two weeks left until my due date! So it’s about time I prepared some things for the imminent arrival of our baby. This morning I packed my hospital bag. I must say I feel a bit more relaxed now!

So this is what I packed…

For baby:

For me:

  • Two long t-shirts (old and comfy ones, for giving birth)
  • Two pairs of warm socks
  • Long cardigan (instead of a night gown)
  • Toiletries (tooth brush, stuff for contact lenses, hair brush, some samples with facial cream etc)
  • Fancy shampoo and body wash for after delivery (because I will have deserved it)
  • A tiny bit of make-up (just in case!)
  • Hair ties
  • Lip balm
  • Some snacks (nuts, cookies, my favourite chocolate)
  • A bottle of champagne (already looking forward to that!)
  • Three pairs of black stretchy shorts/briefs (granny pants work too) — anything to keep those huge hospital sanitary pads in place! (I personally don’t like the disposable underwear very much…)
  • Thinner sanitary pads
  • Two feeding bras, breast pads, two easy-to-pull-down camisoles
  • Nyp balm
  • Clothes to go home in (socks, leggings, big long blouse, poncho)
  • A coin for the wheel chair (I hope I won’t need it)
  • Phone charger
  • A note on the bag reminding me not to forget my glasses, phone and camera

That’s it. I hope I have thought of everything! Tell me — is there anything I missed??

xxx Esther

PS Our old contributor Mo had scheduled C-sections for all her babies, and she always composed a birthing CD beforehand, with some of her favourite songs to play during delivery. Each of her three babies have their own ‘birth music’ — I think it’s a cute idea!


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October 4, 2012

I had major hospital bag anxiety and in the end I only ended up using about 30% of what I brought! I’m sure you’ll be much more sensible! What about reading material? I didn’t see that on your list.
Bonne chance for the big day!!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 6, 2012

Yes, good point! I was thinking I could just get magazines from the hospital shop if I need to stay after delivery. I don’t think I’ll be into reading while giving birth… 🙂

Courtney in London
October 4, 2012

I’m so glad you’ve written this list! Now I just have to copy you in a few week’s time! (If I go to the hospital. I’m considering a home birth!) xxx

Emilie in Paris
October 4, 2012

Sooo exciting! Cannot believe you will have a new baby in 2 weeks time!

October 5, 2012

Hi Esther, I brought a good luck charm both times (a photo of someone very dear to me). I’m not that superstitious, but giving birth is serious business.. Good luck & loads of big fat pink clouds *.* xx Rozalinde

Esther in Amsterdam
October 6, 2012

Thank you xxxxx

Florence in Paris
October 5, 2012

I just did my hospital bag this morning too !
we will have the same next steps.
you can maybe bring a small soft toy for the baby coming, personnally i choose the one from the brand Pigmee (of course) and i will take my Anniel home shoes…
Let’s get ready, good luck !

Esther in Amsterdam
October 6, 2012

Thanks! And good luck to you too!! Keep us posted!! xxxx

October 5, 2012

If you can have a shower you might want to take your own towel and flip flops. You may also want to bath baby if you’re in a few days, so may need a towel for him/her too. I was really glad that i took my own pillow – apparently i was lucky to get one horrible flat one on my hospital bed!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 6, 2012

Oh yes, good point, I did pack one of those thin Turkish towels for me! xxx

October 5, 2012

don’t forget your camera!

oh and choclate-wise… some babies are really sensitive to the caffeine in it. raw chocolate doesn’t contain caffeine AND is delicious and good for you. check out lovechoc, they should sell it in any eco kind of shop.

wish you a calm, quick and wonderful birth!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 6, 2012

Thank you! I will check out the chocolate! xxx

October 5, 2012

I think the only thing that have me comfort after delivery was my own pillow from home. It really helped to have something familiar and extra support for breastfeeding too. The hospitals here give you only one flat pillow so I definitely needed it. And also pajama pants and slippers. And i also brought nice shampoo! i was heaven to take the first shower thou painful… I used nothing else I brought 🙂

October 6, 2012

How about: some slippers for your feet to keep cosy; lovely soft tissues and toilet paper (hospital standard-issue stuff is too rough); ear plugs and an eye mask to keep out the world when you are trying to rest; some of your favourite tea; handcream and finally sunglasses to make you feel a tiny bit glam. on the journey home.Good luck!

October 8, 2012

i will be thinking of you! i also had a photograph of my grand-mother (who passed away many years ago and whom i loved dearly) for each of the birth of my children, i put her on a little stand so she would ‘watch’ and help me:-) And my iPod with my favorite piece of classical music (Marta Argerich playing the toccata of Bach). Good luck, Enjoy it if you can, and Can’t wait to hear the good news!! x

Esther in Amsterdam
October 8, 2012

Thank you! I love the idea of you and Rozalinde of bringing a photo of someone dear as a good luck charm. xxxx

October 9, 2012

I was also grateful that I brought my own pillow. I put a pretty pillow case on it and had it behind me when I delivered Charlotte. All of the pictures of me in that sterile hospital room were made so much more lovely and homey because of that pretty pillow case!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 11, 2012

I think you girls are starting to convince me to bring a pillow!! 🙂 xxx

November 2, 2012

Hi ladies, I found the hospital bag packing so daunting that after I had my 3rd baby I decided I wanted to help mums to be and I’ve created myhospitalbag, packed with 35 items to get you through labour and your 48 hour stay in hospital. So if any of you are still struggling, have a look and good luck!! Karen

October 2, 2013

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