Teacher gift: personalised tote bags

My husband was class rep of Quin’s class last year, and when it came time to decide on the end-of-term teacher gifts he wanted to make the teachers something special they would treasure (and also hopefully use!). He decided to make them a personalised tote bag with all the kids’ self portraits and names on it.  He asked all the kids to draw a picture of themselves and write their names above. He then used photoshop to get all the drawings together, and sent the pdf file over to the printing company. The most difficult part was finding a company with good, sturdy cotton bags, but after lots of research he ended up finding them at The Clever Baggers and they are really great quality.

Aren’t the bags so cute? We gave them to the teachers and they loved them. We then ordered more for all the parents because we liked them so much, and I’ve been toting ours around every day lately and receiving lots of cute comments.

x Courtney


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October 3, 2012

My daughters nursery does this each year – they get the children to draw a picture of themselves and then they print them onto tea-towles and bags and then parents can buy them. I always get them as they make such cute presents for their grandparents and it’s a nice way for the children to remember who was in their class and to see how their self-portraits change as they get older.

October 3, 2012

Such a sweet idea…we’ve just heard that my son’s class teacher is pregnant with her first child in March so this would make such a lovely good bye gift for her…
Also, I loved the coat hook on your wall… it from a store in the UK ?

Esther in Amsterdam
October 3, 2012

Great idea! I will keep that in mind. Cute photo! xxx

October 3, 2012

So sweet!

When our eldest son left nursery they surprised all the leavers with t shirts that had their drawings on like this…Jamie wore his for weeks after 🙂

October 4, 2012

Fab idea. I think I’ll try that.

Emilie in Paris
October 4, 2012

I am sure a lot of research was done about finding the right company for the good, sturdy cotton bags;) My girl’s school do tea towels with a self-portrait of each kid in the whole school every year. The quality of the tea towel is so bad you cannot even get a cup dry with it, but it is a happy memory!

October 5, 2012

Just in time! I was just thinking of a special gift for the teacher and this fits the bill! x

October 5, 2012

I will copy the idea next year. It is amazing!! thank you courtney!

October 8, 2012

what a great idea!

November 20, 2012

I absolutely adore this idea and I’m coordinating an effort to do something similar for my son’s class. I was wondering if this was a
4-colour process or digital print? Did the Clever Baggers do printing as well? thx!

Courtney in London
November 21, 2012

Hi Laura,
Yes, the Clever Baggers did the printing. And it was a digital print, not a 4-colour process. Hope that helps. x C

November 23, 2012

What a great idea! I am a teacher and love this idea! Can you give me an idea of how much each bag cost after printing please? Thanks

Courtney in London
November 24, 2012

Hi Linda,
We printed 20 bags and each bag ended up costing £7 each.

November 26, 2012

Helps immensely! Thanks so much!

January 21, 2015

This is so beautiful and I want to do it for my daughters school – I am really clueless though! do the kids draw/color on white paper and then they are all put onto one page and then i take a digital print of them and hand that off to the printer? sorry for the extremely basic question!

Courtney in London
January 21, 2015

Hi Mary,
Yes, we had all the kids draw a self portrait onto a white piece of paper (we handed them all the same sized paper, just to make it a bit easier). We then scanned the drawings and used Photoshop to line them all up into a grid (and re-size the drawings so they were all roughly the same size). Then we sent the pdf of the artwork to the printer and that’s what they used to print onto the bags.
It sounds complicated, but I promise it wasn’t! : ) x

May 14, 2015

Hello, I would like to get one for classroom aide. How do I have to get this done?? Thanks 🙂


September 12, 2017

Great ideas! I had to order a couple of unique bags for a special event but just ordered them in London from , after 2 years I still use them.

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