Our september project

Last week I wrote in escarabajos bichos y mariposas about the little project we have at home. The florist of our neighbourhood gave Nico a  plant as a present. That’s when we thought we were going to take care of it with love!. The florist told us it has to be watered once a week, so we decided to do it on Saturdays, and make a  note to remind us.

First we bought the pot in Ikea, and customized it with some washi tape and bakers twine.

Nico made a note to remind us about watering it on Saturday. At home we use wood lids painted with chalkboard paint as note pads. (I will write about them in another post because they are wonderful!)

It already has a corner in our house and we hope to take care of it really well!!.

– Maria Cañal


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Esther in Amsterdam
October 1, 2012

That is a wonderful idea Maria! It will teach children to take care of nature, and it makes such a cute corner in your house! I think I will drive past the flower store today — you’re very inspiring! xxx

Courtney in London
October 1, 2012

I love having plants in the house. For decorative reasons… but also because plants apparently clean the air in your home and make it healthier for you and your kids to breathe! What a cute project to customise the plant’s pot! Thanks for sharing.

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