Breakfast, Lunch, Tea

I love the way everyone who visits Paris regularly has a favourite café, bar or restaurant. Kind of makes you feel a little bit local, doesn’t it? (I do the same when I visit London or New York).

In Courtney’s case, it is the Rose Bakery. And for a very good reason: the breakfast. In Paris it is actually very hard to find a good breakfast: Croissant and café are still the staple diet. Porridge, muesli or yogurt and fruit salad have not taken off over here… and that is were the Rose Bakery comes in. It is owned by an English Lady (called Rose, of course) and offers all the lovely alternatives to the French breakfasts. Turns out sometimes the English do do some food better than then the French.

Last Sunday I was having a lovely brunch there with a girlfriend and discovered the Rose Bakery has a cook book called Breakfast, Lunch and Tea, with all the best recipes from the café.  It has been travelling with me on our little road trip around France and I have been cooking up a storm!

– Emilie


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Courtney in London
August 31, 2012

Oh gosh! Am I really that predictable?! I hope it doesn’t seem like I go all the way to Paris only to eat English food!

But really… Rose Bakery IS the best for breakfast!!! xxx

Emilie in Paris
September 3, 2012

Oh no, not predictable at all! It is so nice that you know Paris so well that you have a regular joint to go to when you are here!

Courtney in London
August 31, 2012

PS – I have had this cookbook for years now, and love it. I love their granola and muesli recipes. x

Esther in Amsterdam
August 31, 2012

Love the recipe for pizettes (mini pizza) from the cookbook! 🙂 Just note that Rose Bakery just does the breakfast on weekends — during the week they just serve coffee and cakes for breakfast (still, good enough for me)! xxx

September 3, 2012

Not another cookbook I need to buy! My husband will go mad x

September 4, 2012

I went do Germany this year for holiday and I discovered my favorite cafè.
“Törtchen Törtchen” in Cologne
I love their little cakes , the interior is very creative and cosy and they have also a cookbook.
I had no time to try the receipes yet 🙁

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