Clothespin doll kit

Most of the time the projects I do with Henrik are made up using found objects from around our house, which can be really fun and creative, but it is so nice to have everything that you need for a project in one kit.  Not too long ago we received this clothespin doll kit from Even and Elise and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Henrik had such a wonderful time last month at Summer Camp building a Robot that I knew he would love making clothespin dolls.

The kit comes with paint, a paint brush, colorful pipe cleaners, small fabric and felt swatches, glue, buttons, lots of small pieces of sequins and other do dads, a mini wood house for decorating, and of course clothes pins.

My niece Emma was staying with us and it was the perfect project for both she and Henrik to work on. It was so nice to just give them the kit and let them make whatever they wanted. I didn’t have to do much just stand back and watch.  Henrik made Robot and Ninja guys and Emma made dolls with skirts and dresses and long stringy hair. Another great thing about the kits (all mothers will appreciate this) is that the paint and glue cleaned up very easily.

Henrik and Emma had so much fun playing with their dolls that Maja and Hazel (our dog) had to come and investigate.



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