The Best Cocktail

I have a huge soft spot for home mixed cocktails, I mean HUGE! My favourite party trick is being able to mix up something delicious to get the party started. After that, it does not really matter if the stereo breaks down or if there are not enough canapés — a good cocktail can make a party, I find…

The Best Cocktail Ever I discovered on A Cup of Jo has been the Summer 2012 cocktail winner. It is absolutely delicious, super easy to make and really unusual. I have made loads of variations based on the original recipe. I have used vodka instead of gin and mint instead of rosemary. I reckon it would be good as a virgin cocktail if you leave out the gin and just top up the rosemary syrup/ lemon juice with sparkling water…..

The options are endless but a great result is pretty much guaranteed!

– Emilie

The photo above was taken by my friend Gilles a few nights ago of a rosemary and mint variation of the cocktail.


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Esther in Amsterdam
August 24, 2012

Oh yum! Next year, when I’m not pregnant, you will HAVE to prepare me one for the pool-side apero!! xxx

Courtney in London
August 24, 2012

Me too!!!!!! It looks so yummy. xxx

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