Hanging rattan chair

I have always loved the idea of having a swing or hanging chair inside the home and have wanted to install one in my own home (I just have to convince my husband that it’s a good idea).  I think my kids would love reading and giving each other rides in it, and I would love how fun and relaxed it looks in my home.

Serena and Lily have designed a lovely hanging chair inspired by this chair.  The rattan hanging chair would add a little 70’s Scandinavian style to your home and could go in any room; the living room, a child’s bedroom, or even your bedroom.

Here’s some tips on how I’d style the chair:

First I’d lay a sheepskin on the base of the chair and have it drape over the bottom slightly, like the picture above. Second, I’d add a comfy, round seat cushion made with the star fabric, and last I’d add some extra pillows for back support and color.

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Courtney in London
August 21, 2012

I love the look of the hanging rattan chair. And the way you styled it!
I would love to put something like this in my home… but I would worry it would pull the ceiling down in our old house!! 🙂 x

August 21, 2012

we’re I live they’ve put up hanging chairs like these in the trees in the city centres, the kids (and their parents) love them!

August 29, 2012

I had one of these chairs when I was a child and I loved it! I spent hours spinning around in it making myself very dizzy. Sadly my meddlesome middle brother managed to burn down our cubby house (where the chair was hanging) and we never got another one. xx

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