DIY: seashell Koalas

During the summer, it is very nice to go and look for shells at the beach. This year we got inspired by Martha Stewart and turned our shells into little Koalas. It is such a fun and easy DIY!

What you need for this activity is: shells, some beads for the eyes, and for assembly, a tacky, quick-drying glue works best. It is good to experiment with different combinations before gluing, so you find the one you like best.

We didn’t use the beads for the eyes, but it worked well, and this is what turned out. It’s also a nice little present to give to family when you get back from holidays!

– Maria


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August 17, 2012

Very cute! I love working with shells and things that you find by collecting!

Esther in Amsterdam
August 18, 2012

Super cute! So nice we’re finally enjoying beach-worthy weather!!! xxx

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