Organic cotton underwear from GoatMilk

My 7-year-old recently asked me if he could start wearing boxer briefs instead of his regular underpants. I think my poor heart skipped about three beats! Here was my little boy… the one who has never before cared about his underwear… suddenly asking for ‘grown up’ versions. I wasn’t sure if he was hoping to be more like his dad, or if he’s noticed the other boys at school are wearing them. Either way, I figured I ought to give in to his new request.

I decided to check out Goatmilk Kidware, a new shop in our shopping portal. (I normally head to Petit Bateau for underwear, but I really like that the underwear at Goatmilk are all made from organic cotton.) I must say, we (mama and son!) are very happy with the new underwear. The fit is really great, the quality is superb, and I love the simplicity of it all (no bright colours, no funny designs on the elastic).

Goatmilk makes all sorts of undergarments, including tanks, thermals, onesies, and underwear.  They’re based in NYC, but will happily ship to Europe — just get in touch with questions about overseas shipping.

x Courtney


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