Mid-winter Christmas

We have a funny tradition here down under and thats having a second christmas in the middle of the year to give us a chance to enjoy all the traditional heavy christmas food in the correct season!  Since Christmas is usually stifling hot the last thing you really want to eat is a roast dinner with a hot pudding (although this is still what we traditionally eat at christmas!).  So someone came up with the idea many years ago to have another christmas in winter.  We invited a few friends over and enjoyed roast lamb with all the trimmings and lemon tart for dessert.  We exchanged small presents as well and of course we had to decorate the house to make it feel like christmas!  This is where my Kidsonroof Christmas tree came in very handy.  I bought it in Holland last christmas and I love it.  It’s made out of recycled cardboard so can be used over and over again.  Its not too big but not small enough that it doesn’t make a statement.

Merry mid-year christmas everyone!

Steph xo

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