Oeuf Mood Kit

I met Fanny Granier at Playtime in Paris and she introduced me to her innovative product, the Oeuf Mood Kit. The kit is aimed at pregnant women of all shapes and sizes and consists of a legging, a spaghetti strap top and a long sleeved top. The tops are snapped to the legging with little buttons, and the result is a very soft and comfortable layer that serves as a base to dress further (or to simply wear as is for lounging or yoga). I’ve been wearing an Oeuf Mood Kit recently and I’ve completely fallen for it! It is indeed super, super comfortable, perfect for hot or cold days, and it gently stretches around all of those curves. It’s just so easy to wear! Throw something cute over it, pair with comfortable flats or boots and voila, off you go! I’m sure I will wear the mood kit loads, even after pregnancy — and beyond!

xxx Esther


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Emilie in Paris
July 31, 2012

So glad you tried it, I was fascinated by it when we met Fanny ay Playtime!

August 1, 2012

Simple, confortable & easy to wear… I love it !!!

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