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Marie visits France

I got this book for 6-year-old Coco in anticipation of the long car ride we are going to have, driving through France this summer. My mother always gave my brother and me a new book to read for our summer holiday car ride (they often where 2 days long) and I loved getting a crisp, new book at the start of a new journey. I wanted to continue this tradition now that Coco actually knows how to read.

Marie was first introduced to us with the book Marie de Paris, a beautifully illustrated story that describes the day of a modern French school girl. The reason my girls love it is because it totally describes they day! In this book Marie visits the France countryside and it is a great book to discover the whole country and the culture, especially if you are going to be driving through said countryside, as we will. The book exists both in French and English.

– Emilie


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July 26, 2012

Salut ! What a fantastic tradition! The book looks great to read before or during a trip to France. We might visit the South of France soon, so, it’d be a great book for our son. Merci ! Have a sunny summer! Marta

July 31, 2012

We have the same tradition and I often try to find books about the place we’re going. We just came back from France and I found an activity book for our older daughter and a French colouring and sticker book for the younger one which they loved too. Enjoy your trip.

August 5, 2012

J’adore Marie de Paris!
It is indeed a great book to prepare for a trip to Paris. It shows a lot of architecture and activities Parisian kids do. Last time we went to Paris, we got prepared with Marie de Paris but also with “Peneloppe à Paris” from the illustrator Anne Gutman and made copies of each landmarks Peneloppe visits so my daughter new exactly what we were visiting. We also made our itinerary according to Peneloppe’s story. I am glad to see that there is a new book in that collection! Can’t wait to discover it!

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