Maison Indigo

After a busy weekend in Paris last week for Playtime, I went to the Kleine Fabriek (the Amsterdam children’s trade fair) the day after — and one of the discoveries I definitely wanted to share with you are these super sweet characters made from recycled denim by Maison Indigo. This fox, anteater and elephant are handmade by disabled people in a small ‘social atelier’ here in the Netherlands and I think they are just so perfectly adorable! Maison Indigo doesn’t have a functioning webshop just yet but to order you can just email Myriam here.

xxx Esther


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July 26, 2012

The anteater is sooooo sweet!!

Esther in Amsterdam
July 26, 2012

Oh, I agree. I think it’s my favourite…

July 27, 2012

Thank you Esther! It was lovely speaking to you on the Kleine Fabriek.
Thank you for your lovely blog post ?

July 31, 2012

These animals are so sweet!

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