Cloud Lampion by Petit Pan

I am having a second wind of decorating my flat. I did some work about 6 months ago getting the whole place repainted, exposing the original floorboards and re-plastering. At the end of it I was so tired that I never wanted to see an interior decorating magazine again! Now after a good pause, I am ready to tackle the finishing touches, especially for the girls’ room. This one has been quite a challenge as we need to find the delicate balance between what they want and what I want. Pink they say. Muted grey I say, and the negotiations are hard and lengthy.

We have now agreed on some décor items that we are all happy with, one of which is a lampion by Petit Pan in the form of a cloud. The girls think it is pretty enough for a princess and personally it reminds me of those crazy TV show from the ’80s like ‘Monkey Goes West’… so everyone is a winner!

– Emilie


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July 25, 2012

I think muted gray with pink accents would be lovely! Though I feel your pain re: “hard and lengthy negotiations”. I am currently trying to convince my 2 daughters that navy would look darling with pink……

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