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July 18, 2012

Summer means drinking a lot of water. I read somewhere that a grown-up should drink at least 1.5 litres of fluids a day. I tried it once and it did make me feel great, but it actually took a huge amount of effort and I have not done it since! One of my pet peeves are all the plastic bottles we use. Partly because they must be the worst thing for the environment and also because I can’t help thinking of all the plastic nastiness that must be seeping into the water itself (BTW I might be completely paranoid, as I don’t have any scientific evidence to prove said plastic nastiness).

Anyway, this brings me to my newest item I cannot live without: my Sigg bottle, a light-weight metal bottle that I fill up wherever I go. I have the 60 ml version, the kids each have the smaller version. Taking our bottles with us has so much become part of our routine now, that we rarely need to buy bottles while we are out and about. Hopefully this is a little helpful for the environment, to our health and also to my wallet!

– Emilie


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Berlin Kangaroo
July 19, 2012

Hi Emilie,
My boys (Harry 3, Hugh 1) and I love our SIGG bottles too……but I was recently so disappointed to be warned by a homeopath about the plastic inner lining being quickly worn through by dishwasher detergents and that consequently ‘heavy’ metals leak into the water. The acids in juices apparently have the same effect as detergents.
We love the bottles, but hand washing everyday? Blah.
Have you heard anything similar or is it a big fuss about nothing?
Love your posts, keep them coming!
Emilie in Berlin

Emilie in Paris
July 19, 2012

Yes, I have read about this. Apparently the older Sigg bottles back in 2009 had this plastic lining and Sigg offered to take them back. They are now saying on their website that the new bottles do not have the same inner lining anymore. Sigg offered to take back the bottles even though they apparently thought that they were safe. Hope that helps!

Berlin Kangaroo
August 15, 2012

Thanks for the research and prompt feedback , I would be loathe to give them up. Taking Harry’s glow in the dark dinosaur Sigg bottle away would be a HUGE drama. Thanks again, Best wishes, Emilie in Berlin

Esther in Amsterdam
July 20, 2012

We use SIGG bottles too — I love the I AM NOT PLASTIC one!!! xxx

August 30, 2012

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